OWNER & PHOTOGRAPHER: Rachel Basden (620) 282-3940

Welcome to Photos By Rachel!

I'm so glad that you're here and want to know a little about me. 


I have loved photography since a child, from the very first moment I held a camera and began capturing moments. Much of my allowance money would get used for film, and way too many times I would ask my family to pull the car over so I could climb something and take in the view from a different angle. Even our yearly fall hikes were done with a camera up to my face, no matter how much I was asked to just enjoy the walk. For me, I was enjoying it! 

Fast forward to my adulthood. I spent years taking photos for people that I knew, getting told over and over that I needed to do more with my photography. As often as I was encouraged to turn my love for photography into a business, I didn't make it official until 2010.


Photos By Rachel is more than simply taking photos and my clients are more than clients to me. My business is about building relationships with human beings who trust me to truly see them and to tell parts of their stories. True photography should mean something to all involved, from the one capturing the moments, to those in the moments and to all who get to view them for years to come. It's a passion. It's a blessing.

Photos are powerful, and I'm thankful for every moment that I get to capture and tell someone's story.

Many of my clients become repeat customers, which is a wonderful experience! They become part of the Photos By Rachel family, and allowing me the honor of  capturing various moments of their lives, allows me to tell their stories in greater detail.  This is an amazing experience.

Why do I love photography? You might as well ask me why I am who I am. I was created to do what I do, and it is pure joy to share this gift with others.


While you are more than welcome to email me by clicking on CONTACT ME in the MENU bar, the fastest way to reach me is via text at 620-282-3940. Be sure to repeat your name and phone number, if you decide to call, instead.


* I am originally from the New York City area, living most of my life in New Jersey, before moving to the Kansas City area.

* I am Puerto Rican, growing up with both English and Spanish spoken in my home. I love my heritage, the language, the food, the music, the dancing, all of it. 

* I have been a teacher for 22  years. I count it a blessing to have two careers I love so much. Working as a journalism teacher also allows me to pass on my love and knowledge of photography to future generations.

* I am a wife and mother, two of the most important roles of my life.

* I love meeting new people from all walks of life. 

* I believe there's beauty to be found and seen, if we choose to see it.

* Most important to me, the guiding force of my life, is my faith. 

Loving What I Do - Photos by Tiffany Truster

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